Thursday, October 20, 2011

Danielle + Chad 9.24.2011, Johnson Residence, Ballico, CA. Part 2

I love weddings because they are all so different and unique, fun and full of love. Danielle and Chad have an amazing love story that spans across 8 years from meeting in high school and growing together and getting married on the date of their first date all those years ago, their relationship came full circle. And what a better way to celebrate that than with a wedding!! These two know how to party and have a blast, that's what I love about them and their relationship, it's all about fun, great times with the people they love and enjoying every moment of it all!

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, their family and loved ones by their sides as they exchanged vows and shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

As I began to think about it more, why I love weddings, it's because of the little things that I get to experience throughout the day as I photograph, meet new people and document. I will always remember asking Danielle's dad to come and see his daughter for the first time as a bride before they walk down the aisle together and tears of joy streamed down his face as he kissed her cheek, or as the groom got ready for his big day the family dog, Duke, was lying on the couch watching Chad put on his tuxedo, or when the bride was walking down the aisle and I was by the bridesmaids and they were tearing up as she made her way to Chad, special moments.


I decided to start this post with Danielle's dad, Richard, entering the parlor room to see his daughter before the ceremony. Moments like these make me love what I do and feel blessed to be a part of the biggest day in my wonderful clients lives.

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