Friday, October 5, 2012

What's new? What's next?

Spring is long gone and summer has just ended, I'm SO Happy it's finally FALL!!

This is favorite time of the year and not just because my birthday happens in fall  (next month, for those who are curious), but I love the cooler days, having hot chocolate or apple cider in the middle of the day just because, I can finally layer my clothing again and the fall colors are incredibly beautiful!

Here's a preview of the past 5 months and what's to come on the blog in the coming days and weeks!

Gallery shows and events at The Carnegie Arts Center.

Country Life, my dog-brother Buddy, at my parents ranch.

Collaborated on a fun project with a wonderful photographer.

Photographed my super cool husband one evening 
(we laughed SOOO much, it was awesome!)

Photographed some people in love in the spring time.

I also photographed some fantastic couples weddings, what an honor to be a part of their most special days!

This is just a taste of what's to come, can't wait to share it all with you!  It's going to be fun!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Cuellar Family

Ah, the Cuellar's...

One of my most favorite families to photograph and spend time with :)

This lovely family has been featured on the blog a couple of years ago and my dear friend, Anita Cuellar and her larger than life, spunky and fun daughter, Annaliese were on the blog last fall.

I always love a reason to celebrate and when Anita called me to tell me her stepdad, Chuck, was graduating from college and wanted to do a celebratory session right after the ceremony, you bet I was there!!

The Cuellar gals are a blast to spend time with and Chuck is such a great guy.  It is always a great time with this family.

Congratulations Chuck on your accomplishments and best of luck to your future, you have earned it!  A huge thank you to Anita for always thinking of me and having me be your photographer, it is truly an honor!