Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Cuellar Family

Ah, the Cuellar's...

One of my most favorite families to photograph and spend time with :)

This lovely family has been featured on the blog a couple of years ago and my dear friend, Anita Cuellar and her larger than life, spunky and fun daughter, Annaliese were on the blog last fall.

I always love a reason to celebrate and when Anita called me to tell me her stepdad, Chuck, was graduating from college and wanted to do a celebratory session right after the ceremony, you bet I was there!!

The Cuellar gals are a blast to spend time with and Chuck is such a great guy.  It is always a great time with this family.

Congratulations Chuck on your accomplishments and best of luck to your future, you have earned it!  A huge thank you to Anita for always thinking of me and having me be your photographer, it is truly an honor!

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