Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family generations and a baby

Photographing the love in this family was such a sweet moment for me. It was even more meaningful to do this mini-shoot on Valentine's Day, the day dedicated to all things "LOVE". We did a 4 generational session and it was so great! Cynthia Flesher (in red) is a dear business friend of mine (and an excellent massage therapist!), she asked if I would come to her sister's home and photograph her, her mother, daughter and granddaughter while her mother was visiting from out of town.

It was such an honor to photograph and meet such a wonderful family. And how cute is little Josslyn?? She was 5 months at the time of our shoot and was as sweet as can be! She is absolutely adored and cherished in this wonderful family.

I am thrilled to share my favorites from our session, family is what life is all about. Enjoy!
(Left) Josslyn & mom, Jackie
(Right) Josslyn & grandma, Cynthia
Grandmother, Vickie & granddaughter, Jackie
 Mom & Daughter, Vickie & Cynthia

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*~Jackie*~ said...

Love it! Thank you!