Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project 52, Week 4

Theme for the week was "tiny" and "blessings". I struggled a bit with these themes, we have the option to do either which is nice because I kept racking my brain thinking "what could I possibly photograph to represent something small or what I consider to be a blessing?" So one afternoon after I realized I was putting way too much thought into the theme and not enough time shooting, I went for a walk outside and of course God blessed me with a million and one ideas, as well as a super gorgeous day! He is always good :)

I was out of town visiting family this past weekend and the last day we were there it was the most amazing day I could ever imagine! That tends to happen when you're on vacation or just somewhere you love to be, the last day is the most gorgeous day and always makes you want to stay just a bit longer!

I found many blessings that day: the blue clear sky with clouds floating about, a tree that had beautiful red leaves in the midst of a bunch of dormant, leafless trees, to be able to use my camera to show how I view the world and the company of an extremely generous and loving family and an amazingly supportive husband!



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