Friday, January 25, 2013

Friends, Family and a photo collaboration

This is a total throwback to April 2012 and I am excited to finally have some catch up time on the blog to share some of the things I do in between my commissioned shoots.

1.  Travel
2.  Create new projects to shoot and practice
3.  Spend time with my loved ones

I travel frequently up to Mendocino County in Northern California because I have family in that area and they are so great in referring their friends to me for work, so it's a double win!

I was so excited for this trip in particular because I had been planning a "meet-date" with Sarah Wolfe of Sarah Wolfe Photography, she is quite talented (check out her work here) and lives in Seattle, Washington.  Sarah is friends with my cousin, Nadine, who has graced the blog with her beautiful face a few times over the years.

We had planned to do an afternoon of shooting and I was excited!!  It was so great to watch another photographer shoot and learn from and vice versa.  I admit, I was nervous being watched as I photograph because it's such an intimate thing for me, but I had a blast.  I feel through every shoot I do, I get to know each individual through the lens and on a more personal level than just through simply talking, it's a bit difficult to articulate exactly what I mean, but I hope that these images will explain that.

Sarah is a fantastic person to spend time with and I so appreciate her taking time to be in front of my camera and have fun.  She also photographed me, which I usually get anxious about, but had a great time!  I also had the pleasure of meeting Ashley Roberts, an aspiring and talented makeup artist.  She is absolutely gorgeous and was totally model-worthy, I loved it!

Enjoy :)

 The beautiful Sarah Wolfe.
 Meet Ashley Roberts, love her jacket and hair.

 These gals have been friends for many years, so sweet!
 My cousin Nadine (on the left) is so beautiful, such a sweet person.
 In love with these two frames, ah!!

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