Thursday, September 8, 2011

50th Anniversary-Ray + Eleanor, Roswell, New Mexico

At the beginning of July I took a roadtrip to Roswell, New Mexico and had so much fun!  Roswell, New Mexico? Why? To see the alien landing site and museum?

No, but coincidentally the annual "alien festival" happened to be going on during our time in Roswell.

I was invited by Renee Oliver to join in the fun and photograph her parents 50th Anniversary and to take a mini-vacation.  Of course I would never turn down an opportunity to travel and traveling with my husband makes it so much more fun, it was our first trip together out of state!  So, 7 of us, myself included, drove from California to New Mexico to spend time with the Vaz family, partake in the long holiday weekend during the 4th of July, attend a graduation party, 4th of July party and a 50th Anniversary/Family Reunion Party.  And party we did! We ate a lot of fabulous food, met so many wonderful people who are now friends, got to see what life in Roswell is like and relax.  Roswell is a lot like California (minus the dry, summer heat), there are dairies, countryside, farmland for miles, it was beautiful.  I also got in touch with my Portuguese culture (I'm part Mexican and part Portuguese), spent time talking with people who were also visiting about Portugal and the Azores, life in the "old country" and started every morning with Portuguese sweet bread and coffee. It reminded me of my mom's awesome Portuguese sweet bread and I felt at home, it was great!

Ray and Eleanor Vaz celebrated 50 years of marriage that weekend and it was such a wonderful celebration.  I was so amazed by their unconditional love for one another, their partnership as husband and wife and as parents and grandparents. They have created quite a legacy for their children and grandchildren and their children to come.  The festivities kicked off with a family portrait session with all of their children and grandchildren (6 children plus their spouses & 19 grandchildren!!) The evening was followed by a wonderful dinner, a dance from Ray and Eleanor and dancing under the New Mexico stars to end the night! It was such a fun time for everyone there!

It was such a wonderful experience to be a part of, to see family come together in celebration and share in the love and happiness.  I wanted to give a big thank you to Eleanor and Ray for opening up your beautiful home to me, my husband and Andy, for being so welcoming and so great to work with!  As well as the entire Vaz family, you are such amazing people and thank you for being so welcoming and fun!

I am so excited to share my favorite moments from the anniversary with you all, enjoy!

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