Saturday, January 1, 2011

Band Session featuring: Until We Wake Up

In October I had a great opportunity to photograph my first rock band, Until We Wake Up. This band is comprised of 4 guys, Jonathan, Raymond, Andrew and Steve, they have been working together on music for many years and asked me to photograph them so they can use the images to promote their local shows.

My fingers were crossed the day of our shoot, hoping that we would be able to get together because it had been raining the day before and the entire morning and early afternoon of our shoot. Luckily, about an hour before we got together, the rain and clouds cleared and we were able to have a rockin' session!

Doing band photography was quite out of my comfort zone, but it was so exciting to work outside of my usual realm of senior portraits, family sessions and weddings. I felt my passion for what I do reignited again, which is very awesome because I never thought of stepping into the world of band photography and now I have a new genre of work to add to my growing list!

We did our shoot around Turlock's industrial neighborhood, which provided a fantastic backdrop for the rock vibe we were going for--not to mention the puddles of water that were left over from the earlier rain.

Here are a handful of my favorite images, enjoy!










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