Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Newborn Session: Baby Matthew

During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, in between family time and enjoying all the great goodies, I got together with my friend Amanda Lowe to photograph her son Matthew. The Lowe's were featured on my blog during the summer time when Amanda was just starting to show! If you have been a regular on my blog you may remember the adorable little blond cutie-pie Samantha! She is a big sister now and adores her little brother, it is so sweet to see them together.

Matthew is so adorable and so snuggly, he wanted mom to hold him the entire time during our session and cried if he was set down. We had a great session and by the end he was napping so that made my job easier!

Enjoy a handful of my favorites!




Amanda had a few of the hospital mementos to share, very cute!

Some peeks into his room, adorable!

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